Thursday and Friday

Well, yesterday ended up being quite busy and I didn’t have a chance to write what I’d done, so here is both days together.


  • Main item of the day was the workshop on our strategic objectives for next year. This went fairly well and we had quite a lively discussion in our group.
  • I also met with the reps from MCT to discuss budgets and what we could purchase and also how useful the RIN reports on e-journals are.
  • Briefing meeting with the Library Director and other colleagues talking about ERM systems and what our processes are that would need to be accommodated by a new system of this type.
  • sent comments on the library for the periodic programme review after the meeting I went to yesterday.
  • processed a series of book orders.

Friday – today has been mainly a sorting out day, as it has been quite a busy week with alot going on.

  • arranging meetings,
  • editing webpages,
  • tidying up my inbox (really needed doing),
  • working out what I’ve done this week and what needs to be done next week,
  • writing our fortnightly updates on our work with the Faculties,
  • creating new reports on some of what we do with the Faculties,
  • sending people data on our certain types of enquiries they’ve requested,
  • looked into what resources we have in some subject areas and how that could be improved,
  • had a meeting about the targets for our one stop search system (only one meeting today!)
  • orchestra rehearsal,
  • discussed the date of my next meeting with a group of academics,
  • read some of one of the RIN reports on e-journals,
  • cleared some of the piles of paper off my desk,
  • discussed leave policies for some of our staff as they don’t seem to be working in practice and ideas for how we could improve it.

So overall, this has been a busy week. I’m not sure if it has been typical or not – I’m not sure what a typical week is! My house-mate used to laugh when I answered his question on how my day was by answering “bitty”. But I do seem to spend most of my time jumping from one thing to another without being able to spend any considerable amount of time doing one thing. Partly that could be due to the varied role and responsibilities I have, but I do find it difficult to focus at some times too, which doesn’t help!

Anyway, library day in a life round 6 is over, so hopefully this has given you some sort of an insight into what I do.

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