all the things I’ve done today

Well, Library day in a life week has rolled around again – although I have done this before I’ve missed a few of these, and especially as I’m trying to blog more frequently this year (which I am achieving so far!) I will be blogging this week about what I am doing. I lead one of four Faculty facing teams in an academic library, but as MPOW specialises in distance and online learning, it is a very unique place to work.

Today started unlike any other Monday morning, as the system that we use to log enquiries within the Library (and across the University) was upgraded over the weekend. So I spent the first part of the morning making sure that everything was working as it should and that people were happy with the new look and feel of it.

Next I had a meeting with the library reps from the Business School to talk about the budget – where we are and what needs doing to keep us on track for the end of the financial year (end Jul). We currently have money available so we are starting to think about what we could purchase, but as things are likely to be tighter in the future we will be looking for one-off purchases rather than new subscriptions.

When I got back to my desk I spent the rest of the time before lunch preparing for my team meeting and doing various organising things for different training and development events my team are planning to attend. At our team meeting we discussed what we’d been up to recently and also how we could use the new iPad & netbook that we have as a team.

I then had another meeting to plan how we will implement LOCKSS (we joined the UK LOCKSS Alliance at the end of last year). The rest of the day has been spent sorting out various emails and adminy type things, preparing for my meetings tomorrow and planning what I need to do in the rest of the week.

Now to go home, visit the community centre to check out its facilities¬† (I’m planning my birthday party), and then orchestra rehearsal.

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