New Year Resolutions

So as we are coming up to the end of the year I have been thinking about what I want to achieve this year and so here are my new year resolutions for 2011:

  • blog more frequently and more often – I have been trying to do this more these last few weeks and I want to continue that. Writing my thoughts on what is going on around me is something I value doing and I plan to write a new post at least every week. UPDATE: WordPress have announced a “postaweek2011” challenge – cool!
  • better keep in touch with my friends – as I have written about before this is something I feel I am not very good at and I do care about it and want to do something before I get left behind in their lives.
  • leave work on time – this is something I am bad at doing as there is always more work to do, but as I become more committed to my personal goals outside of my job I need to do this in order to be able to spend some time in the week working towards those.
  • spend more time thinking – this is the knowledge age and there is so much information around that I feel I need to spend more time ingesting and processing what is out there so that I can make informed comments and decisions.
  • do more exercise – this has slipped out of my normal routine, which is not good for me and I need to get into a routine that includes this.
  • eat more dark chocolate – it’s good for you doncha know!


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