expectations of the future

One of the problems with being newly married is that suddenly you are expected to produce and start a family. Personally, while I would love to have a family in the future, that future is not right now. But just the thought of it makes me think about my childhood and realise what a privileged time it was. It wasn’t all perfect (things very rarely are), but we didn’t want. This makes me think about the sort of childhood that I would like my children to have one day, whenever they do come along, and I wonder if it will be similar. Skiing holidays, ponies, music lessons, living in the country, degree from Oxford are all things that I would love for them to experience, but given the reduction in child benefit and the increase in tuition fees how will we ever afford it?

Combine that with the fact that my Dad retired at 52 (in the wrong place at the right time, as he likes to describe it), whilst the state pension age is likely to be well above the current age of 65 by the time I get there. All this does make me think that Dougald and his friends at the Institute for Collapsonomics are right!

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