dreaming and accessibility

I’ve often been puzzled by discussions about dreaming and the automatic assumption that everyone dreams in pictures. Cause I’m sure I don’t. I’m pretty sure that I dream in words; not written words, but the continual inner monolgue that describes to yourself what’s happenning. I don’t see anything, just hear in my brain what’s going on and what I’m thinking about it.

That’s made me think about how we experience the world around us and especially, as I’ve just started a course on accessibility, those who have difficulties seeing and hearing. Without experiencing it for myself it’s difficult to imagine what it would be like, what the problems would be and how I would manage.

Anyway, nothing else really to say, but just wondering if anyone else doesn’t dream in pictures or is it just me?


  1. Me too! I think in words, not pictures. Dreams at the moment are in words, but as a child as cartoons and back when I was working in a photo lab I dreamed in stills (in the way the images came up on the screen). I’ve often wondered how other people do it.

  2. I dream in words, too and had thought it was just me! I once mentioned this to a friend, who said it was weird so I am glad to know that I’m not alone in this particular weirdness 🙂 Maybe that’s why we’re librarians – being more in tune with words than pictures?

  3. Hallo Clari,

    I am in your H810 tutor group and just started and thought I have a look at other peoples blog. You are right it’s difficult to imagine to dream ‘just’ in words. They only strange thing that I experienced when I started to dream in a foreign language, that was pretty new to me and it does not happen to me to often, though I experience that I have sometimes problems to switch back to my first language.

    See you in our group.

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