why do we have print?

I have been given the task at MPOW of managing the implementation of the collections strategy, which I have been working at for some time now and making some progress. One of the big things I’m thinking about at the moment is reviewing the collection. We already have a majority e stock, especially for journals, and are planning to continue to move in that direction. The big questions that this raises in my mind are:

Why do we have print?

What print do we want to have?

How do we get to only having the print we want to have?

What process is best to use to make sure that our collection is fit for purpose, but that also doesn’t take lots of staff time that we don’t have? Given the current economic climate we can’t spend lots of time looking at every item we have and assessing its value, so what do we do?

I think I’m struggling as there is no realy clear vision for what we want to have left at the end of this process. There are certain things that we know we don’t need anymore, but most of it is more fuzzy. It brings into question the whole role of the Library – do we need to have everything that our users might want, or just be able to get them what they need at the time they need it?

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