easy peasy lemon squeezy

I have been having problems with firefox on my eee for a bit, as I can’t get it to update as it seems that firefox 3 is not compatible with Xandros. This wasn’t a problem until I kept getting messages when using Google Docs that “your version of firefox is no longer supported in Google Docs” and as Google docs is the main thing I use on my netbook I realised I needed to do something. Once it started giving me warning messages I couldn’t get rid of and my documents were hiding themselves I decided to change to easy peasy. (I have also been studying T155 Introduction to Linux that gave me the confidence I could work with it and I knew Liam had recommended it and I wanted to test if it was as easy as he had said it was!)

So over the weekend I replaced the operating system for easy peasy. And it was so straight forward. The only problem I had was that I couldn’t get Xandros to make a USB stick bootable to install it, so I had to use another computer to create the stick and then it was really easy – like it says on the tin! It is fast and has everything that I want to use my netbook for. Even the programmes that I wasn’t familiar with are straightforward to use and easily laid out so I can guess what they do. One minor quibble is that the installation info doesn’t say what size memory stick you need, so I spend some time digging around to find out if my 1GB stick was big enough (it is) before I did anything to install it.

I would certainly recommend it to anyone as it seems to have been put together well with the needs of a netbook in mind and does everything I would want it to do easily.

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