alot of bother about nothing?

So today, the prime minister came to MPOW to give his speech about the current economic situation. It was all quite a hoohah – there were sniffer dogs going round and security men hiding on the stairs hours before the cavalcade arrived. Our VC did a good intro on the importance of part-time students to the economy and then DC talked about how the previous government had got us into such a mess and that they planned to do the difficult thing and cut spending to reduce the deficit, although without any details of where or how.

Whilst I understand that they’re new and only just getting started, surely they need to accept the situation as it is and move forward, rather than continually complaining and reminding us of how awful their predecessors were. Give us a vision of what we’re moving towards rather than where we’re going from. I hope that over the next few months more details of their plans will become clear and then we can see what impact they will have.

Anyway, excitement over for today!

One comment

  1. The amusing thing was the people who were more interested in actually seeing Nick Robinson from BBC News, rather than either DC or Danny Alexander!

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