who am I?

I have recently been struggling with how to define myself. Outside of my job role and as a wife/daughter/sister/cousin/friend etc what are the key things about me that make me me? How do I define myself?

Some random facts about me, in no particular order:

  • (semi) official calligrapher for St. Mary, Stelling and SS. Peter and Paul, Elmsted
  • play clarinet in 2 orchestras and a wind quintet
  • Secretary of the OU & MK Go Club
  • planning to take silver medal exams in both Ballroom and Latin dancing this summer
  • life member of the National Trust
  • member of South Midlands Orienteering Club
  • ran 10k for Cancer Research last year
  • was one of a group who held the world record for the largest orchestra in the world (although only for a few months)

I enjoy:

  • being outside
  • making things
  • learning
  • working out the answer/how things work
  • seeing how what I do impacts on other people (in a good, helpful way rather than a mean, cruel way)

Although I’m still not sure what is the most important thing about me.

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