americanisation of uk election

It does seem with the tv debates between the three party leaders that our elections are becoming more like the American Presidential elections. Should we be voting for the indivudal who performs best in these, or the policies and manifesto of the party we agree with most? We’re voting for the person to represent us in parliament, and the party to which they belong, not the leader of that party.

It will be interesting to see the content of the debates and whether they will be anything more than a series of pre-written soundbites – will they actually have a debate, or will it be too controlled? At least, if by doing this more people engage with the political process and take notice of what the different parties are saying then it will be a good thing.

Also, I am intrigued by the fact that the Lib Dems have equal standing to the other two parties. I’m sure in previous years it has been all about Labour v Tories, oh and there’s the Lib Dems too. Yet this year it is more about the three of them. If election success is related to the amount of advertising then surely this will be a big boost to them and by increasing the awareness of the Lib Dems should have an increased share of the votes on May 6th.

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