Mobile web & data interpretation

Recently I was looking at some data showing how iPhone usage was far and away the biggest mobile device using our website. It is easy to look at this and say that this shows how many iPhones have been bought and hasn’t Aple been successful at promoting it to such a wide user-base. But this is a very simplistic view and I think what this is showing is not a distribution of different devices within the population, but how much each is used to browse the web. All iPhone contracts come with free data and wifi, whereas most other phones I think you need to pay extra for this as an add-on. This means that iPhone users don’t need to worry about how much it costs them to use the web on their mobile as they’re not paying extra for it, which would put off many users of other phones. Also browsing the web on an iPhone is so much easier and a better experience than on many other mobiles so iPhone users are much more likely to use it to do something rather than waiting til they have another computer on the internet.

So there’s two reasons why the iPhone is used much less like a phone and more as a mobile internet device. And it reminds me of the importance of the story attached to any data, as the data itself always needs to be interpreted to give us any meaning.

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