the power of lists

Earlier this week Phil Bradley created a list of 100 UK Librarians that use Twitter, which included me (thanks Phil!) and as a result of that I have gained 32 followers, which is great (& hello to you all!), but makes me wonder how they would have found my twitter stream otherwise. How easy is it to find people on Twitter who are interested in subjects that you’re interested in?

How often do Twitter users search to see if there are new people in their area of interest? I know when I first started using Twitter I found a few people (who mainly worked with me) and I looked at who they were following and then who they followed and interacted with and followed some of them myself. I now have a growing network of people on Twitter, some of whom I know in the “real world” and some of whom I only know through Twitter, and that are in a variety of areas that I’m interested in – mainly people interested in libraries and members of staff in other departments at MPOW, although there’s plenty of people who fit in neither of those ctaegories too. But I don’t go out and look for new people to follow. When someone follows me I have a look at their Twitter stream and tend to follow them back (unless I can think of a reason not to), but I don’t actively look for more people to follow.

In a way I think I follow too many people already as I already can’t keep up with the number of tweets, especially given the number of meetings I have in my diary between now and Christmas! Oh well, that’s life I suppose!

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