I’ve been thinking alot over the weekend about choices – why people make the choices they do and what I would do if I was in their place. I think this started after watching My Sister’s Keeper (with my sister) and then re-reading the book. The family in that story is placed in a terrible situation (their daughter has an aggresive form of leukemia) and they do everything they can to save her and prolong her life, including genetically engineering another child to be a perfect match and then donating parts of her to their first daughter.

I can’t imagine what it would be like to have a child, let alone one that is so ill, so I am in no place to judge their decisions, but it has made me think about the people I am close to and how much I take for granted from them and from myself. Not that I’ve reached any conclusions – it’s difficult to know what’s the best thing to do in any given situation, most important decisions aren’t taken lightly and yet what results from them isn’t always what you think it will be!

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