A day in my life at work (5)

Today I had two days of email backlog to work my way through to start with and then I did the following:

  • had a 1:1 with a member of my team where we confirmed her objectives for the rest of the year;
  • wrote a reference for another member of my team who is applying for a place on a part-time MSc;
  • completed my application for a training programme;
  • amended the paper my colleague and I have written on the use of ‘guides at the side’ to meet the reviewers comments;
  • logged what I’ve spent my time on this week in our time-recording system;
  • had various discussions round subscriptions for the next financial year (which starts tomorrow);
  • was told what my responsibilities will be when I am rotaed to be the Duty Manager;
  • discussed what performance indicators were useful for reporting on our work.

All in all this week I have done quite alot of admin. Only really having three days of work has meant it hasn’t been a normal week, although I would find it difficult to describe what a normal week is!

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