A day in my life at work (1)

This week is the second annual day in the life of a library, so I am planning to write something every day this week to say what I’ve been doing.

Today has been quite bitty (my ex-housemate used to joke that I described every day as bitty!), but the key things I have done are:

  • written up notes from a meeting last week thinking about what we can do for an induction event for the new Vice Chancellor in October focusing on the student journey;
  • prepared for and then chaired our team meeting – the main discussion was about changes to our Customer Services Desk and Helpdesk and the implications of those on the services we offer and on our workloads;
  • planned what needs to be done to complete a service plan of the support we provide to courses;
  • prepared for a meeting tomorrow with the Dean of Maths, Computing and Technology;
  • evaluated the Library Awayday that was a few weeks ago;
  • discussed workload for our Library Assistants due to changes to our Customer Services Desk and Helpdesk and due to changes in staff with the other managers in my department;
  • had a 1:1 with the Library Assistant in my team;

So all in all not a particularly exciting day; quite alot of admin and sorting things out as well as a few meetings.

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