the end of an era

One of the things that I’m expected to do as part of my job is to provide cover for the extended hours librarian as needed. This entails working on the Library Counter for an evening about once or twice a year. As we do this so infrequently we are a bit of a liability and often feel as if we don’t know what we’re doing! But now the powers that be have decided that we no longer need a professional librarian working in the evenings, and so, without most of us realising it, we will no longer be working on the counter at all.   Whilst I wouldn’t want to work on the counter all the time, it does feel like the end of something as stamping books is what most people thinks a librarian does (sadly!). So it’s the end of an era as I’m not likely to stamp books again (unless I get a new job which requires it, although at the moment I’m not looking at new jobs that would). And  as it has been snuck on us without fanfare, or even being told that it was the consequence of the decision that had been made,  I’m sure some of my colleagues haven’t realised that it has happened.


  1. Hee hee, I never get away from being ‘on the desk’. Has its good points admittedly, but would so love to be able to hide and get on with work without being distracted everytime the door goes… The life of a solo librarian is indeed a challenging one 😉

  2. I still get to work on the helpdesk (otherwise known as an enquiry desk) so still get to interact with students etc, but just no more stamping of books! Not sure that sitting in an office is any less distracting, as there’s still people around to interrupt what you’re doing.

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