the rate of change

people often say that change is happening faster now than previously, but is this true?

I saw a presentation sometime last year about change and the speaker gave details of the changes that his grandparents saw during their lifetime – washing machines, cars etc as well as computers. I can’t remember who it was who spoke, or I’d link to it, but he was pointing out that we only really appreciate the changes that we see and forget what has happenned previously.

My great-grand aunt (who I remember) went to Girton and studied chemistry, but her studies were somewhat thwarted by not being able to go in the libraries in Cambridge as she was female. Quite what they thought would go on in the libraries of Cambridge if they were opened up to women I can only imagine (and hope that they were wrong!), but it brought home to me the fact that the situation in libraries has changed alot in the last 100 years, so why does there seem to be such a feeling of suprise and panic that things are continuing to change?

Poor Peggy didn’t even get a degree – she got a certificate to say if she was male she would have got a third (but then what do you expect if she couldn’t use the libraries!)

Happy Christmas everyone – it’s my last day at work today this year!

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