at a crossroads

I feel that I am at a crossroads in my professional life – it’s feeling like time to move on from what I’m doing, but there are so many directions I could go in I don’t know which to choose. Do I want to stay in academia? Move into a more technical role (I did enjoy playing with things at mashed libraries)? Or I could do more of the project management side of things?
It seems that now I’ve got my personal life sorted (or moving towards it anyway) that this is a good time to review where I want to be professionally in 5 years time or so.
I remember feeling like this when I finished my GCSEs and was deciding on A’ levels, as there were so many subjects I was interested in and could have studied further. In the end I chose to do Maths, Physics & Spanish (with AS French that I then dropped) and now I’m a librarian, so
However, I’m sure that whatever I might decide now the direction I do take will depend to a certain extent on what jobs are available, as well as whether hubby-to-be wants to move.

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