The end of Athens (almost)

Our transfer over to Shibboleth seemed to go fairly smoothly, although I think that most resoruces are accessible using both Shib and the Athens gateway. I haven’t been involved in the changeover, especially not the technical side of it, but it does amaze me how much Athens has become a known brand amongst students. I don’t think it was marketed at all to students, only explained to them as a way of accessing resoruces, and most of them don’t actually understand what it is – they assume if there’s an Athens log-in box then they should be able to access that content. We changed to using Athens DA, which means we don’t have individual Athens usernames anymore, almost 3 years ago and yet we still have people contacting us asking for their Athens password!

It will be interesting to see if the Athens log-in boxes start disapearing from resources (or becoming less obvious) as less institutions use it, and if that will put an end to our enquiries about Athens!

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