SPV E610

Now I’ve had my new phone a while I’ve had a chance to think about what I like about it and what annoys me:

  • it’s smaller than my old PDA (and certainly smaller than phone & PDA together).
  • the qwerty keyboard is quite useful, although the buttons are small and it has no predictive text – at least not that I’ve found.
  • It took me ages to work out how to save a number from a call/text.
  • Moving between folders in text messages is a bit clunky and if you move to the sent box and close it you go back there when you re-open it, which gets confusing as it doesn’t say at the top which folder you’re in.
  • There’s only one input for power/synch/headphones, which means that you can’t use any old headphones to listen to music on it.
  • The synch & power cables are losing their connection a bit and don’t always work without being held in.
  • It won’t synch when the phone is locked or when it’s in any profile other than Normal.
  • I needed to buy a new miniSD card to go in it (so tiny & 2GB!!)
  • the sound is a bit tinny.

Other than that I’m quite happy with it – it does what I need it to do!

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