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I’ve been working half time on a project at MPOW to change our enquiry management system. It has been very interesting and a good learning experience, as I’ve been involved in sorting out the technical specification we need as well as coordinating training for everyone and keeping everyone aware of what was going on with the project. Balancing this work with my normal day-to-day tasks has been difficult at time, especially when I had little cover for that, but I have managed it and kept on top of everything. User training on the new system for the first group to change starts a week on Monday, and then we go live a few weeks after that, so we are coming to the end of this phase of the project. It does seem to have suddenly crept up on us that it is so close, but it seems as if everything is going to be ready in time.

One thing working on this project has meant is that I’ve spent less time working on the Helpdesk answering enquiries, and so I am starting to lose track a bit of what students and staff are having difficulty with. Dropping from two sessions a week to only one has made a huge difference, which I hadn’t thought it would do – makes me realise what a difference it must have made when the Heldpesk staff merged with the subject specialists.

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