digital identities

Having started using Twitter recently I have been thinking about how I project myself into the digital world and what tools I am using to collaborate professionally as well as to keep up with my friends.

For example, I started by setting Twitter to update my Facebook status, but my friends on Facebook are mainly friends who I’ve known a long time outside of work, and on Twitter are mainly work-related people (although the two groups do overlap a bit). These two groups are interested in different things about me and I think my twitter updates on Facebook didn’t really make much sense to those people. So I have now stopped the automatic staus update and will now use twitter for work things and facebook for personal things.

Which does cause problems as there isn’t always a clear distinction between these, and it’s a bit like cutting yourself in two sometimes. Hoepfully I won’t end up repeating myself to much and boring the people who I’m friends with on both systems!

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