web2.0 stuff

today has been a bit of a funny day – the weather can’t make up it;’s mind whether to be sunny or to hail, and I’ve been tidying up a number of work things. I’ve also signed up for Twitter this morning, as I keep hearing people talk about it and have realised that a number of people I know are using it, so I will see how it goes. Maybe just short updates will be easier than thinking about long things to write about on here?!? Or maybe I’ll only twitter as intermitently as I blog at the moment. Alternatively twitter could increase my blogging…

I tried to add a twitter box to this, but it didn’t seem to work. I’ll have another go some other time, maybe!! UPDATE: I’ve added an RSS feed of my twitter, but that includes updates from my friends as well, whereas I really only wanted my updates. There doesn’t seem to be an RSS feed of that though… All now sorted!


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