Tagging debate

Within the course on elearning I’m currently studying we’ve had an online debate on the motion that “Creating pre-defined tag sets for courses is contrary to the principle of “learners’ ownership of learning“. Colleagues of mine from the Library were proposing this and the Course Team were opposing it, which made it quite an interesting debate. Although not that many students from the course commented on the discussion there was lots of banter between the two parties – my personal highlight being the Course Chair describing Librarians as “surprisingly anarchistic”!!

In the end the debate was a draw (6 all with 4 abstentions), which was a bit disappointing, but probably overall fair for the group. It was a  shame that more students didn’t engage with it, but as it was an add-on to the course and didn’t contribute to the assessment so I’m not all that suprirsied that most didn’t.

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