thoughts on the change of chartership regulations

As I’m just tying together my portfolio and finishing it off I’ve been thinking about the differences between the two regulations.

The only difference I can see between the submissions is that for the old regulations you need to do a 4000 word report covering their six sections. Otherwise the portfolio side of it is exactly the same. To me it seems as if the main difference is with the start of the process. Previously there were two routes, depending on your employment situation – either your employer submitted a training plan for you, or you had to develop one for yourself.

Now I’m pretty sure that the majority of candidates submitted a plan developed by their employer, and I’m also sure that this was a generic plan to fit any new member of staff who would want to start their chartership. This means that for those candidates they really only had to fill in a form and send it off to register to start the process.

For the new regulations everybody has to submit their own Personal and Professional Development Plan (PPDP) to start, which means that it is personal to each applicant and more meaningful; however, it is also more difficult than previously.

CILIP has to strike a difficult balance between making the chartership process easy enough to start that most eligible people will, and yet not so easy that everyone will start and then some of them will not bother to do anything more about it. It will be interesting to compare completion rates between the two regulations and see if the people who have registered under the new ones are then more motivated to finish it.

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