tomorrow it will all be different…

MPOW are launching the new library website tomorrow, and so I’m sitting here on the Helpdesk explaining to people how to do things with the caveat that tomorrow this isn’t what they’ll need to do!

The new website will be much easier to use, and will be much more stream-lined with far less repetition than the old site. It’s also going to be database driven as much as possible, which will mean less work needing to be done updating it. But the changeover period will be interesting and I’m sure the Helpdesk will be busy tomorrow! It is a very big (and obvious) change, but as we’re not fully sure where everything is on it yet it will be a shock to us too, and could take some time to find things!

We’re still getting queries about Athens passwords and we changed to using AthensDA in November 2005! So who knows how long it will take people to get used to this new website.

Fingers crossed the technical side of the changeover happens smoothly tomorrow… but then I’m going to Heathrow and back in the morning, so I won’t be here!!

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