end of the summer

Well, over the summer I’ve been acting up part-time to assist one of the senior managers due to other staff being seconded to external projects. It’s been an interesting experience and I’ve enjoyed not. (Not that I’ve actually been paid my extra for it yet!) I’ve got involved in some projects and things that were outside of what I normally do, and had to think more strategically about the library as a whole within the organisation. I’ve also met and worked closer with people who I don’t normally work with, both within the library and wider.

Because of the nature of the position I was much more dependent on being given work to do than normally, so there were times when I was waiting for things to do. I also found it difficult at times to spend enough time on it, as although we had a temp to cover what I couldn’t do there were some things that it wasn’t worth explaining to her as they were too small, or too complicated. A number of unexpected things also cropped up, which I had to deal with urgently and so the balancing of time on each bit was rocky at times.

I’ve enjoyed the extra things I’ve done – investigating changing our enquiry management system to a different one; working out how we contribute to employability skills; looking into purchasing ejournal backfiles; writing operational plans for two departments in the library. They’ve allowed me to understand more what the rest of the Library does and how we all work together to contribute towards the overall service.

Now I have to go back to the “day job” as that’s all I’ll be doing from next week, which is both a relief and a disappointment! Anyway, I have a whole weekend with nothing planned before them…only a long list of chores to do…

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