Open Access worries

I heard yesterday that some publishers are getting worried about what MPOW is doing with our institutional repository, which really confused me. Was this someone who hadn’t heard about the whole OA movement other than what we’re doing? As I don’t think we’re doing anything different to any other IR. OK it has quite alot of entries in it, but then we are using it as the basis for the RAE submission and anyway the vast majority of those entries are not full-text.

One comment

  1. Hi Clari. It’s true that many publishers worry about the growth of OA archives. (But also true that many don’t.) Usually their anxiety focuses on legislation to encourage or require OA archiving for publicly-funded research. I haven’t heard of any publishers targeting individual IRs. Could you say more about which publishers are worried about your IR and what they are saying? If you’re not comfortable posting this online, you can email me at peters [at] earlham [dot] edu.


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