New Web of Knowledge interface

Well, the new Web of Knowledge interface is now available, and it seems much easier to use, although I can’t help thinking how much like Scopus it looks! We did have a few problems getting into the new interface last week, but that seems to be resolved now. It is frustrating though that they have announced when the change to this interface will ahppen. I presume it will be towards the end of the month for the start of the new academic year, but I have no basis for that.

The other interesting thing about this is that it still doesn’t have the ability to creat RSS feeds of results, which I was really surprised by as most of the other database providers we subscribe to do. Although it might just be so well hidden that I couldn’t find it, which is worse!! I haven’t really looked into the personalisation side of the new interface yet, but when I get time…

Update: It can provideRSS feeds, but they were very well hidden, and are only available if you search WoS by itself, and not when you search the whole of WoK which seems to be what they are trying to make much easier. To set one up you need to save the search (and so have set up a personal account) and then you get the option of setting up email alerts or you can get an RSS feed. It’s very confusing though and I only managed to do it with the help of one of their quick reference cards. Even then it took me a few minutes to do!

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