My chartership

Well, after however long I’ve been doing this I now feel that it’s all coming together. I have a pile of bits of paper to go in my portfolio and have had a go at writing the report and intro etc. I’ve been planning to submit under the 2002 regs, as those are what I understand and have spent more time working to, but now it comes down to it I’m not sure if it wouldn’t be better to use the 2005 regs. It’s all so complicated that I’m a bit confused and not sure what’s best! And my supervisor/mentor is on holiday at the moment so I can’t ask her advice. I originally decided to go with 2002, as I wasn’t that confident in my ability to do a portfolio, not having done one before, but now that I’ve puled it together I’m less confident in the report! As I’m finding it very difficult to be reflective and evaluative of things in my report, and so it’s all fairly descriptive which is not what it’s meant to do. Even if I don’t submit the report I think it was a worthwhile thing to have tried to do, as it has crystallised which documents are important enough to go in the portfolio and which weren’t worth it. I will carry on as I am and try and get it all suitable to submit and then talk to my supervisor/mentor and see what she says about it. If I do decide to change and use the 2005 regs then it shouldn’t be too much extra work to do that. Fingers crossed anyway!

The other issue I have is that I’ve now started a course on elearning, and so have even less time to do everything! Oh well, I’m aiming to submit it by the beginning of October at the moment, so we will see if I make it!

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