We’ve just received a spam webform on our helpdesk, and from the IP address it lists (this is done auutomatically and isn’t obvious to users) I’ve just found the name, address, phone number and email of the person who has that IP address. Which has really made me worry about the amount of personal information available online without you being aware of it. We all too freely give away details about ourselves and yet don’t realise what the consequences of that could be. It’s even more worrying when this information is given away by someone else. It took me 2 mins max to find this, and that was having to find out how to identify an IP address too – if I’d known what I was doing it would have been much quicker.

It does make me tempted to become a luddite and refuse to  do anything with computers, but I’m becoming addicted to facebook and online banking has revolutionised my life…I’ll just have to continue being careful!

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